Sunday, August 24, 2008

question mark..

sometimes when i was doing something, i thought of what to blog later, like some thought and some 'thing-la' but then, everytime, i mean everytime i forgot what i was thinking about, so ended up, i post boring shits.

thinking back, this blog has been opened already for 3 years plus, and i have not post a good, decent post. i've changed the skin and layout for more than 3 times, been with me this blogsphere for such a long time, but everything include in this blog is blank, pure noob empty blog, its like i never did grow, nor the blog.

how many people read this blog? i am sorry for my dear readers. especially, my dad. haha, ever since he noticed the existence of this page, he never stop complaining about how poor is my english and how badly i write. i do not deny the fact. sometimes i want to write a bit better, but somehow i cant and i dont. i do not want to edit and prepare my post everytime, and rehearse and review back what i've written, minimize the errors and try to include some vocabulary by going through dictionary and thesaurus and some translator websites. i know a lot of blogger, perhaps most of them or all of them actually read back what they've written, edit here and there and makes the passage as fluent, as nice, as articulated as possible, and this makes them feel good. its not a bad thing to do so, in fact its good to do so, it might be the right thing to do.

for me, i want my blog to be me, to reflect me, as a window for the outside to see a bit of my inside. RAW, not cooked. if something is raw, you can treat it anyway you intend, if its cooked, its not fresh anymore, it limits the possibility for opportunities. and it reflects on the stages i've been at, when i read back at them on my 50s. (finger x-ed)

so, read this blog, at your own risk. i am not obliged for compensation if my job-blowing tenses causes injury to any reader.

(dont worry, i write this in calm atmosphere, no moody psychology influences. and no reason whatsoever at all. )

=) kthxbye

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