Tuesday, March 03, 2009


you guys should know that i actually visited cs in brisbane for appx. 5 days.
i spent 70% of the time staying at home due to the weather and the fatigue.

one night we went to a club.

can you see how cool is cs? rare occasion seeing him in this!

one day cs brought me to the south bank.

man made beach in the park.

the eye of brisbane? or eye of queensland? taktau..

and we continued to my visit-list top pick state library.

and the young spidey decides to stick to his parents. for now.

not far from the library is the art centre. or art museum. or a big building with little cool things which make it cool.

fluffy land! very soft and tender!

see his face and feel what he felt

one day he brought me cycling through his uni. very babai de uni!

got bridge one!

dont worry be happy tomb stone also got!

the night before the next morning when i will be leaving we had a group photo.

i mess up my memory but
we did had sing k session, cs and his frens were amazing.
he himself is a Capella dude so he rocks.
we did had lots of food session.
i had the worst noodle on the 1st day and the best koreans on the dunno which day.
we did had lots of sleeping together. @*v*@

brisbane is a cool place. like 10x cooler than arhem.. where i am at.
brisbane is flooded with bloody inti asian students.
brisbane is a city along the river!
launceston is a shitty along the river!

conclusion is:
go brisbane find cs
go brisbane can walke diagonally using cs name.

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