Sunday, August 27, 2006

departure of a lovely teacher

ms louise ho.. 1 of the best lecturer n tutor i've seen in my degarde colege. she is young n chubby ><~ super responsible in teaching us.. she loves us so much.. n she never absent for class.she help us by giving extra class at an xtra time... good huh? she teach us srtuctural studies which include l calculating those reinforced steel bar n links n stuff like that in a column, beam n so on... (kinda hard huh? well it is.. ) her main purpose is to make sure all of use to knwo wat she teach.. above all, she gives adequate amount of tips b4 exam... so in my evaluation she is the best of all my teachers... sigh... know y she left us? cuz in the end of every sem, they will let all the students evaluate their teacher... and there is this 1 unknown frm QS course (we happen to have lecture with the course) according to ms louise, in her final lecture, she told all ofuse in the lecture hall that she is grateful fot the person who write a 4 letters word in the evaluation sheet. well the words which i guess is the favorite quote of viv... (go c her blog for the matter of fact) no matter who the person is , i think he or she is a bastard... well now he or she succeed n cause our beloved teacher to resign. oh lame bastard~! how dark the con of men... f***!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


sigh... feeling damn bored now... feels like dropping a blog here... well, i AM actually dotaing... using lion... solo against razor... kena 1st blood n bully... till lvl 10 i die 3 times d... then fed up... so i afk... but at the mean time, while waiting for this stupid blogger to load, i use my lion to buy 6 tango, eat a roll of tree into the north of my base.. (scourge) go stay deep in the jungle... haha.... so now i m trapt... no1 can save me... i got a screen play with me~!!

sigh... y so boring nowdays? last nite wanna do pq till lvl 51, but got noob parties... damn... end up with 1 pq in 2-3 hrs... then i sleep.... know y i define them as noob? cuz its 4 in the morning. and they keep on tracing for stg 8 party... i mean... whaolemak~!@@ 4 am ppl instinctively will surf channel la.... omg.... so i quit the party, then got into another nothing different party... tthis 1 showing his noob-ness by saying he wanna quit game and rejoin to c which ch has fewest people.... i was like.. stunned.... omg.... mb milk powder nowdays contains too much of noob-stances... causing new lil kids to be xtra noob... sigh...

sigh sigh... when i on my pc, i often warm up by playing 1-3 game of winnng eleven 9. and i f***ing hate saudi arabia... i dunno y this stupid game creator can make them so noob but score against my world cup winner italy with ease.. **** i dun even know the arabians name~!! and i keep on replaying till finally i win them 0-1... lame huh? they overwhelme me with ball possesion.... argh... cant stand... and david beckham also 1 of my most hatred.... england.. despite of their pro noobness in wc2006, this david beckham-in-the-game have 98% crossing and freekick accuracy... and i hate it... he can assist from craze angle, score freekick like ur keeper tot himself as the striker... lame game.... sigh... my goal scroing rate in the game is like 1 goal per game... and its super boring.... oh ya~!! and the commentator sux too~!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

another weekend.. part 3

sunday... wake up around 10 am.. cuz super hot like oven in cc room... then shift to the other room to continue sleeping again... (whole night slept alongside cc...gayish) then around 12 pm ys come wake me up again... then c him dota... then my turn..(finally my turn, but not full match.. going to win but got ppl pp..zzz) then we went this stupid carnival to get some foods.... pizza, burger and stuff... then eat all and take a bath off me n ys go to his hse.... in cyberjaya... whoalemak.. took bus.. rapid kl... haha... good... comfy... and cheap.... till ys there is around 5+ d... so i copy my stuff... while he slept... then 8 pm he take me to the bustop then we dismiss. so i take the bus til a place to change bus... i shuld've wait n ask there for the T43 bus to kelana jaya.. then i can straight away take lrt to my place... but instead of doing that, i took T42 to serdang ktm again... 9 pm, the stupid coutner closed d, and so many people queueing to buy rm thr machine... and i saw myself missing 1 train because of the stupid machine cant take folded money.... so waited for another 20 minutes (cuz the guy sitting beside me told me exacly how long we had been waiting...) then took the thing to central... got 1 group of chinese talking there,, near my seat... they speak fluent china-ese.. then got 1 family which i think is hongkong toursist sitting in front of me... speaking fluent hongkong-ish... whoalemak... tourist taking ktm... so now they realized how suck our system is... reached central.. waited for lrt... then dunno till which station got 1 chic bboarded.. we got kap each other.. iswear its true... and she is holding a frame piece of art ? maybe... can c.. covered up.... then we both also want to go wangsa maju.. and i was thinking of helping her to take her stuff... but damn i m too coward... zzz... then seh walked so fast..(mb thinking tat i m a bandit or wateva.. bad guy? pervert? shuld be...) she go take the lift... i take the stairs.. then she dissapeared.. then i walk back to my place... eat maggie goreng pattaya there n watched liv vs chelsea... liv won btw... yeha,.... damn chelsa wasted talent n money.... the game spoiler... boo~~

another weekend.. part 2(warning:vulgar languge included)

saturady... wake up around 10... by the msg of limys... then sms awhile wit him, i fell asleep again... till 12 like dat... then wake up prepare awhile go met him to go cc place.... so i went the good siu yok stall to eat siu yok gai fan., then lrt to central, then waited a frustated 40 min at the ktm station, then another fucking 40 min in the train itself.., stopign rite infront of the sentral statiion... jibet there is no air cond in the train... makachibai pack like shit... super fed up... then finally it goes... 5 min later b4 the mid valley station..(as usual) it stop to let the other train to take the rail 1st... (so sohai need to sharethe same rail.. tiu nia seng) then siper slow sial the ****ing train move.. then suddenly electricity broke down... **** ****~!!!! tak leh tahan.... feels like boming the company at that instant... well.. it was a short electricity break.. so still ok... then concerning the super slow speed snail train it took me 30 minutes to reach serdang station... which i see the frustation-not-les- than-me ys there... well, he hav2 wait for 5 minutes for me to touch n go thru the entrance,,, super many ppl... deng... then we took 10 bucks taxi till cc place and we went this carnival which is not look like carnival thingy in uniten stadium..(more details, pls visit and so on.. concerning the dota part, we take turns... and i was so damn lucky tat when i type the -random during my turn, got ppl left game.... and they rmk the game... so there goes my turn... zzz.. 1min game... arrgh... nvm la... since cc pc is extremely lag.. so i can tolerate... then watch cc dota tinker... then too sleepy just sleep on his bed...

another weekend.. part 1

friday... planning to go to class at 8 am... but when i wake up its already 7.59... so i ponteng...
then i wake up at 12... play some games... then plannign to go back ktn,... so i decided to borrow car frm my fren... but then suddenly cs lure me to go back next week.. then so i give up the plan... and decide to go back next week... suddenly, i tot of a stupid trip next week... my course 1... zzz... so no choice.. cant go back d...T_T then i stay at home... playing games... stuff like that...

Monday, August 07, 2006

tag? how it goes?

9 years old, i was std 3 huh? still in chungching...same skool with my mom,the first primary school i was in... and kinda forget almost all the thing.. yah.. got PTS (an exam to let u skip std perkypie did it, milo did it.. and so on..) well, my mom din want me to skip so i noobly do the test.. and i know i choose the bottle with most water as the 1 that cre8 highest amplitud... noob huh?? >.<
2001, Form 2. ermm... ntg much to talk about... was in the same skool with mom again... err.. super noob.. din kap lui... and was super good boi.. ( i think) 1 of a few who brings a lunchbox to skool... same class wit perkypie... since she tag me so i have to mention her... and she was not as pretty as she is now... and ermm.. ntg much la.. frm 2 wor... yeah.. my hair is the infront stand up gay hairstyle... (most gays do that style..)

1 year ago i was:
In tarc.. which i really dislike cuz in my thought it was a lame school.. lame name... sigh.. i was here now... tats life...i was in my old hse here.. make new frends in col.. and stuff like tat.. yeah.. and i help my course team to get into football tourney final... first time in my course history... haha.. bangga..

she new song.. hsemate open... no choice but to hear.. and it keeps on updating.. cuz my hsemate pc mp3 on non-stop 1...

beter man
happy birthday
truly madly deeply
qing tian...
(many lah.. but truthfully i dunno all negaraku n pahang anthem words.. )


a godess fly to help me get all the answer frm my pal in exam hall
a wallet that produces rm100 per day... (im not greedy)
brain that can remember all in 1 glance
a new hp
a new pair of sneakers


Family and friends and some of my treasures

stil wondering how to tag.. some1 pls explain to me~>..<~


ermm.. last friday nite lim99 come my place stay overnite... we talk talk play play as usual ler... c his blog if i miss out anything.. well.. he slept the other day morning 10 am.. pqing frm <10% lvl 48 to lvl 49... zzz.. giler punya... then 2 hrs later i woke him up n we went midvalley meet up wit cs n milo.. (he slept <2hrs)

so we walked around as usual.. looking for locker for his very heavy bag... but end up with >50% of the lockers are spoilt.. and all used up.... so he have no choice but to carry his sack of rock for the rest of the journey.. pity him... luckily last time cs had proved to him wat a true strenght of a man by carrying his laptop~!!! and some etc in his bag to shop wit us..withou any complaint... salute~!!

so.. we went looking for shoes... went some soprt stores... they cant find wat they want.. (the 2 gays.. lim99 n milo want to buy pink color shoe... dunno kena electric shock or wat.. ) so they cant find any, while i found a pair of puma.. latest stock.. tot got 30.. but its 189.90, fixed price.. cant afford... i m not the devil who wears prada...then give it up... well, 1-2 hrs spending time in mid but end up with ntg.. yah.. we did meet up wit aili sumwhere in the middle of the process..

so we took taxi to sg. wang.. and the 2 pinky crazee went on for their pinky shoe hunt... while i, for being not so gay, went looking for my longing sweater.. n bought it.. yeha.. (honestly need it cuz last week i was like freezing to death in the lecture hall... ) then we accompany the pinky gays.. into a all-shoe-shop.. with a rack of pink shoes... but very fortunately unfortunate, wat they pick dont have their size... haha.. sadly enough.. pity milo... then walk walk walk till finally milo got his shoe.. which lim99 oso favor.. but to prevent their gayness to be over the limit, he decided not to buy... and the overexiting milo forget to bargain n negotiate for the price.. end up kena slash deeply, cold bloodedly..

after that we went low yat.. for i need to ask to solve my webcam prob.. which dunno y cant go with my pc... (F***).. and ys wanna help his honey to look for 2 256 mb pendive for around rm60...we did browse thru most of the shops but most of them din sell 256 anymore.. cuz 512 is only a few dollars more expensive than it... and we cant take 2 256 for the price of 1 512... so.. terpaksalah.. beli yg 512 punya... n the pity guy as usual get a full mouth frm his u-know-who...
in the process, cs left us.. to meet up his fren to fetch him back... so nice.. its good to have frends with cars.. ya.. cars, not motor and not plane.. cars is the best.. then we eat mcD till 8.20, which cause ys to miss his bus.. sorry la boss~~ and me n milo went teman aili to get her clothes.. just awhile.. then we all went home.. dats all.. and as usual, milo oways bully me...T_T.. y? y? y? he oledi more handsome than me n gets all the girls...