Monday, September 25, 2006


ok.. reached today.. .ntg special... miss the fun this morning.. 2nite raining n dark... and saw an accident on the way home... not actually saw it... but my dad n mom did... the say this oncoming car suddenly turn left..which there is no route there... an bang~! kena divider and kaki maountain..then mom call police... then no police no bomba no ntg appears on the opposite route when we on our way home... cb police... duwan save ppl... sigh.. malaysian... courtesy ? where goes? oic.. all goes to lrt... haha... everytime oso see people give place to senior citizens and pregnant women... aih... blog again when i did something here... oh btw.. my mom keep on scolding me of my hair.. too long and menjatuh maruahnya.. haha... so will go cut in these few days... ok dats all for today.. stay tuned for more exicitement... (where i get this line from?hmm..)

lost wallet

ok... dat day... friday... i o out with 1 guy and another guy with breast. (u can guess who is he) then on the way home, in station dang wangi, i was too freaking tired n laid on the chair... then the train arrive then i stand up, with my ass scrub the corner of the seat, then at the time i think my wallet was forces out frm my pocket.. without myself noticing it... then when i reach wangsa maju, i touch my ass as usual and realized i have lost my wallet... then i take the train back to dang wangi...( 7 stops if i not mistaken) then ask n check around.. tak dapat.. then mah go back home lor. the next day go report police... pay rm2 for 2 piece of paper... then go home... with only 10 bucks in my pocket... zzz ... then live on as usual.. the next day, which is sunday, i woke up by a guy... my photostat guy, he called me to inform me tat a guy called him to ask for my number... said he got my wallet... n trying to contact me to gimme back... so then he ask me to wait for tat guy's call... then dat guy call me... ask me got go college anot.. .i tell him holiday.. then he ask me whether monday can go theis cheraton hotel near dnag wangi station find him look for this dompet, then i say i going home later 5 pm... and only return after 3-4 weeks... he shock abit then he ask me to go to this taman jaya station to meet at 2 oclock... (dats y i dare to go alone... cuz i know dat he does not plan the thing itself... ) then i go meet him up n he return the thing back to me... without a cent missing,... wow... super nice guy.. indian... angelic... an angel returning a wallet to a devil... wahahah... then i go back home.. wait for my parents,.. then go to a yi house.. so it ends here i tot the story if my wallet... but jes now, my fdather got a note in the mailbox... and it says tat ur son liu chee kang has lost his wallet in kl... for details pls call 016-9xxxxxx. walao... then my mom go call this number... so its a owner of a sport shop nearby "kao(dog) wong(king) yeah~!" this man came to my house twice n because we all were in kl.. so he left a note... a super kind man oso... sigh... so tat ambuneh (quite tall) actually called all the numbers on my card in my wallet... just to find a way to return the wallet to me... i m sure he called billy(the low yat guy) ah miao(the old 70 guy) ah sam(the hair stylist) and the 2 i mentioned... such a nice guy... super kind... where to find? its me who are blessed with luck.. provided by god... who else? but angels sent frm above to save a worthless owner frm aparting with his wallet.. aih.. sigh... do i deserve all these? i m just a feeder.. and a feeder dont deserve a divine...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

6 hero in 1 team.. zzz

swt jes c n count and if u r free.. list down the heroes name.. wakakka...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the midnite oil

yes.. i try to sleep but fail.. as i use to sleep very late.. but 6 more hours will be my 2nd paper... so if i sleep i scared i m not able to wake up.. so i ma just study while resting..

Friday, September 08, 2006


today.. for being 2 hours early to skool, with my frends i went to library to revise for the last time... and when i step out of the library, i saw an angel*~~ she wears white sweater... and we have eye contact... ahhh~~wat a pleasant afternoon for exam...
well, then i was sitting in the exam hall... ten minutes into the exam, i peek thru the window (i use to sit beside windows) and saw a pretty figure, passing by.... well, after that, she enters into my exam room, shit~ super beauty~ another angel*, she wears black jacket, a total contrast of the earlier angel i saw... wow~~ at the second she sits down, i "ah-choo~!!" yea.. i did sneeze...oh god~! how thankful i m to have a chance to sit in the same class with an angel... and to encounter 2 godsent in 1 day...
well.. so 2 hours pass and i did my paper.. and so comes the chance for me to kap her... again.. n again... thank god again, she fail to find her bag... she was like moving right behind me~! RIGHT BEHIND ME~!!! extending her neck, ermm right behind my right shoulder, peeking into the crowd of bags to look for hers... (my bag was located there) then her expression told me she is looking for her bag... so being so proud i saw it n show to her... ~!! omg... cant believe we actually talked~!! nvm it.. then followed her down stairs.. and i love u god to be able to see tat she is actually taking off her jacket~!! 0.O whoalemak~!! a white singlet she wears underneath the balck jacket... omg... she fills my defination of angelic complexion with devilish body~!! **** yes~!! superb body~!! along with a scent of fragrance... she pass me by to her destination... oh ya~! she uses nokia 7610~!! =p

count down..

another 12 n a half hour to go... my 1st paper... legal stuDIEs.... legal.. law.. omg/.... so hard... the notes frm my lecturer... a pro lecturer( head of the course) but teaching method suK!! real SUCK~! u know, every school have a mad crazy psycho teacher.. and he is it... words cant describe how he teach.. he can sort of like doing funy thing and the other second turn into a balrog... so as expected, he din give us tips... and his notes are crazy.. u wont understand 100% frm wat he tryingto say... so i study the other course lecture notes.. which the language is so damn PRO... have to re-read n go thru dictionary again n again to really know wat it means... and many field words, so new n so hard... eg. Battery = A phsically touches B (抽水 is battery) and quit = tanah... zzz... sigh.. not to say any longer... have to revise again... ciaoZ~~!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

exam week..

my oh my.. its the exam again.. the scarriest event of the whole sem... so aproximately 2 weeks before exam, i always stay back and study in library... so the few days i felt so meaningful.. well, perhaps the 1st time this sem which i feel so.. like study.. library is good, cuz when u get bored , u can always scan around u for chics, and u also get to read the newspaper, go play with the lift which absurdly prohibits students to use... the library life does not last lng for me... as i try to study at home... which... those who have been to my house know the limited space of it and there is a superb invention which we call computer on my desk... so well, who knows me know its hard for me to study. plus, my housemate and his frends always come to play dota... (there is only 2 terminal here and outstandingly they enjoy 2 person fighting against computer, AI map they call it, again n again n again n again.... zzz) haha... do u know how eye sore it is to see people fighting against AI and still keep on shouting n screaming and showing their logical item built and reasonable skill build and hero and wateva.. they just seems like omg... i dunno how to explain.. (FYI: AI is super sedap, theres no reason to be happy or shout to each other or the AI or be ecstatic when u kill one of their hero) to get a way from it, i study in room, on bed... sigh.. cant help... i cant wake up to go to skool library and the cozy condition in library somehow makes me sleepy... so god bless me and hope that i can remember and get to study well... go go go... S-T-U-D-Y

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

exam coming...

since the exam is coming,... its so damn boring to study everyday....