Saturday, December 29, 2007


I own lot of red stuff. ipod red, earphone red, and cut my finger the blood also red.

Today I cut my finger. again. Left index finger now mummified.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

This morning I dream of myself, ys, ky and cs were ancient Chinese soldiers. Kinda weird cuz its not what big battlefield we were at. Along with us a small party of soldiers. At first we do not have weapons and have to kill an opponent to loot his. Sort of a wave by wave we were attacked as we moved along. Ys and ky were sticking together, I was with some strangers which appear to be my war companion (...) and I dunno bout cs. Randomly i got a small axe-shape knife... so small its the size of a pen cap, or more precisely, it was just the head of an axe. I have to use my fingers to hold it and great scott i killed alot! Killed a captain and got myself a 哉. (dunno how to explain it) After we reached some place to rest, I figured that some captain class in our group was trying to kill people who were not behaving in well manner. And they killed alot of our comrades who were not sitting properly.. swt... And I was afraid and went to sit with ys.. but then the killer came to sit and talked to ys... I terkejut sia and terus cabut to sit with cs... XD And i forgot the ending... no ending i think... or we just sit there until the credits come out....stupid weird dream... =.=''

Today was pouring rain. With an umbrella I walked in it to work. And now my foot stink shit. And my umbrella I left it in the restaurant.

Monday, December 17, 2007


today I become a lamp post. accidentally.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

bad day. major

today is not a day of luck for me. starting off missing a bus, saw scattered coins on the street, walked to work and ended up late, dropped a lot of stuff while working, made mistakes. Even my bad luck affected my work mates, my si tau poh fell down and knocked her head. Lucky they plan not to go to the casino tonight.
feeling a bit sick now. weather here is crazy, hot at day, cold at night. My si tau po treat me shanghai beer, aka ang mo liong cha. Had my 1st tong sui tonight: fan shu tong sui + ice cream. Nice.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

muttonbird. migrates to southern Australia from the northern Pacific. It arrives in September and lines a burrow with grass to lay its one egg. only found in 2 places on earth. It is protected in all states except Tasmania, where there a 5-week season for commercial killing of muttonbird chicks in March/April, and a 2 week season for recreational killing.

i ate its chick. and its called mutton bird cuz the meat is sort of like mutton + chicken. with smell heavier than a lamb.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am melancholy CK

I always thought I am a blessed child. Yes i am but sometimes god's test is inescapable. What makes me sad? Lately not long ago I was flooded by some trouble, and when I am slowly crawling out from the deep self-excavated pit, and while the injury is recovering, and everything seems to go on just okay, I accidentally broke my ipod's casing. darn. Not to mention how much it cost me. damn. But I am able to force myself to look at things from a wider perspective, self-trained since last last time, in some "quite the same but not the same"situation, a mark cause by a deeper cut. Not going to mention but surely not going to forget about it.
enough history, I was trying to open up my case to change a new screen protector, cuz the previous 1 are all mess-up with small bubbles and some fabric trapped in between the screen and the protector. Just when I thought the new 1 could be better, it fucking stick some come-from-no-where fabric dust. okay, grumpy liao. clean the whole thing again, wipe and wipe trying to get rid of those uninvited dust. but since that particular face of the protector is kidna sticky, so cleaning them is a pain in the arse. took me apx. 2 hours to get the best out of it. who knows...
when i plug my ipod into my laptop, it took ages to sync and when it does, pop-up a message stating that the itunes detected a corrupted ipod. I was like WTF. ejected it out, but the ipod screen still showing connected. darn. what is wrong with my luck that night, (yesteday night) OK, i plan to take it to the apple shop the next day, and thought that they might send it to the manufacturer for refurbish or whatever. And so I go to sleep. Fuck up big time.

. . .

Untill this morning, the ipod, just as i thought and hope it would be, ran out of battery, and the screen is off, and after the restart, it was all ok. thank god. but the case, break is break. money gone is gone. be optimistic, the amount of money I lose, I am going to earn them back someday. A much bigger number of it I will earn. Take it as a temporary non-interest bank deposit, or as a kind donations to some campaign, or as a cover for all the cheap discount or free stuff I got in the past 20 years.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2 for 1

today waken up by housemates because a delivery boy require my sign to accept parcel. its an ipod nano 3G (product)red 8gb i bought using my dad's card on the 30th of Nov thanks to my bro who let me know that apple store is having a one day sale. therefore, i bought it. sad enough i forgot my dad's security number, there goes my cheap special edition free shipping engraving red ipod. sigh. shocking enough, i received it today, which is somewhat unexpected. i am not ready for it. yet.
few hours later, someone came knocking on the door again, delivering the speaker to me. this is a speaker i bought 2 weeks ago, cheap. and good. and now, i am more than please to have receive them. happy or not?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

where should i start. its been a while since i last blog. somehow lost the will to blog, when I am too free. flashing back```
once worked in an apple orchard. kinda exiting before the first day, thinking of earning big bucks. did some maths after the induction, could've earn more than RM7k in around 1 month. sadly, i gave up after 3 days. some of the reasons to support this decision is because its Fking hot. 7 hours under the summer sun. even as a healthy man, i felt dizzy after the long hours. the job is not as tiring as i thought, kinda simple after I get a hold of it. the other reason is that the driver gave up after given a warning due to his lack of pace. so i cant go there even i still got the will to continue.
i still have one job, part time kitchen kia on fridays and saturdays. at least the wages can help me to cover my rental. i think the restaurant has a decent reputation, or not?

check this out: from the left is my taukebo, her daughter and Eason Chan.(no photo montage) and just ignore the 2 to the right.
i doing cosplay. sneak peak to my working place.