Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am sick

This would be the 3rd night that i've been sick. this morning my dad brought me to see doctor. i was given 3 kinds of pills. and yet my throat is burning, i feel like vomit the throat out and smoothen it with some sorts of sandpaper. my body is so damn weak i can hardly stay awake for 1 hour. i feel like i want to die. whenever i am sick, i think of dying to set myself free from this torchering. but just one short and mindless thought, i wont do that. i am afraid of death. this morning i heard a news about 4 malays raping a girl in front of her boyfriend. they hit the boy and used his life as a threat and ask for the girl to let them rape. what the fuck is wrong with these 4 Malays? i hope Allah know what to do with these assholes. i hate rapists. rapists are malays. i hate malays.

i am currently waiting the offer letter from Newcastle. i cant afford to take the risk to Tasmania. FYI, Tasmania U had changed the title of Bachelor of Archi to Master of Archi. which is a totaly mindless decision made in Feb this year. Untill now, the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) has not yet recognise the new title for the same old course. the architect programme has always been a double degree. part 1 and part 2. now the Tasmanian who thought they can change the world by being the 1st to have the courage to change the title of the course ruined it all. the debate is still going on but the 1st batch of the students there has not yet graduate. in a great chances i might change my destination to Newcastle to meet AiLi and Santi.

Talked about Santi, Goal II was a dissapointment. for me. In Real, Santi plays 5 minutes in each game and scores the winning goal in each as a sub; when every big names are struggling to perfoem in the early 85 mins. the goals he scored are so unreal. the computer edited goals dedicated to him are just too fake. spoiler. suck. there is no way he is always unmark and with technical skills not greater than me, he can skip pass all the defenders (putting Zidane and Robinho in shame) the only selling point in this film will be David Beckham. He featured in most scenes, and he is handsome. 1 succesful point is they manage to get most of the Real players to talk and act. 1 more sukky point : they created a new player call TJ Harper for Arsenal. Don't try to search for him. he dont even exist.

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