Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Monday. when i woke up, it was afternoon already. the final 2 days for the free 1gb ram dell promo. i double checked my dell cart, never forgotten that it was the day i was going to sg. lembing. Ok, i did argue with my dad during lunch time.

Not for long untill hee stopped by. gave me my long waited genting trip's pictures. at the mean time, i rush to bath and packed my things to go sg. lembing. i hop in his car, went to get weikee and stopped by xuan's house. straight away i heard limys's voice. he was already there with his new man utd travelling bag. i saw it was a long bag. 3 minutes later, hx along with wb, terry arrived. i was not in great mood because of the laptop inccident earlier the same day. i kept quiet most of the time. later, we went to pick sy up. went into his house, then his room. i felt something about sy when i was in his room. jsut something i dunno how to express in words. after the short stay, we headed towards sg.lembing.

I asked about wk's laptop. How much he bought his hight tech gaming laptop should be kept a secret. But anyways, that machine is a MONSTER. Not for long we reached our destination. met up with mc, jb and qy. we went to the house belongs to mc's grandma. wooden house. those old time kampung house. very nice. got a river behind it. All the switchs were dark,round and old. We prepared the fire, we started bbq. everything went on smoothly. it was warm around the bbq rack. most of us guys took off our shirt. i had to admint i ate 5 wings. i knew i was kinda over. therefore, i ate the others less. i felt like drinking a lotsa water. sy told me everytime he saw me i was holding a cup. hence, i decided to style myself with a cup-in-hand throughout the rest of the night. after bath, we took a stroll down around sg lembing. it was midnight. we walked a big circle round sg. lembing. some of us even went down to the river, to cross the river. 1 hour of tiring-and-lotsa-dogs-around-barking-at-us-and-disturbing-the-neighbourhood walk.
we even pass through the cemetry~ bangga. Went home, without doing much, i slept. untill 5 am, all of us woke up. going to go for mountain climbing. i was reluctant to do so. even before i hop on to hee's car, i had a feeling i am not going to climb this time. dont ask me why. sometimes some weird feeling strikes me without reason. randomly. i continue sleeping as they enjoyed the sunrise ontop of the hill. on 11 am, we went back to kuantan. i suppose all of them were sleeping after they reached home.

this house kena bomed~ ping pong piang!!

the all cement basin. cool~

roast them fingers~ yeah babeh''

they tot they are pirates... hey! look whats in Terry's hand?

look at hx.. he so yau yeng~~i was sleeping so sweetly when this picture was taken.

Reached home. i online awhile and settle the laptop bikin again. this time it was all done. anticipating the laptop with much eagerness... My red colored Dell~!! come to me babeh~!!

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