Monday, June 04, 2007

I went to the book fest...

where should i start? ok.... fyi.. my post are made of words, no pictures. boring as u may say.

3 days back, i follow my parents to kl yet another time because my dad has got some personal stuff to do, and have to settle my oversea stuff as well. early in the morning we departed, went studylink straight away, apply for visa and clearify some enquiries. then we went TARC to get a letter of completion require by the UTAS. but this TARC is so useless, they only offer 2 shitty letter to students : the standard letter which proves that you are studying in TARC, pretty, i mean totally useless. the second 1, the testimonial. for fuck's sake, i told these staff that what i want is this letter of completion (LOC) and along i brought with me a letter from studylink to prove that i need this particular custom LOC in order to apply for UTAS. and them staff keep on asking me to write my name in this dunno wat book and wait for 1 week for the testimonial.... harlow? my english too poor u cant understand? then i go straight to find the head of school, hallelujah for god's grace there is this clerk was there... she saw me with a unusual latter in hand and also accompnay by parents, she tender my needs. (sound gay?zz) then everything settled. saw some good looking girls. what do u expect? its TARC college, where liang luiS are.

the next day, went klcc cuz my mom wanted so eagerly to visit the book fest. we reached at about 11 am. so not so freaking lotsa people there..yet. entrance fee rm2. i walked inside and none of the books interest me. maybe i was born not to be attracted by books or i just dont find readign suits me. sigh. pathetic. truthfully, i reall feel abit pening kepala. maybe some side effect of... the infamous tea-cup incident. all the while i was sms-ing with ky. i plan to meet him at klcc today as he said he wants to come over here for the book fest as well. but to my amaze he was at timesquare the time i was at the book fest. then when he arrived at klcc, i was already preparing to ciaw... time not ngam la ky... sorry leh... not duwan to see you, is cant... and so many peorple that day... u stay till 6 pm go lrt see, u will faint. last time also i walk to ampang to take lrt. but nevermind, i know ky u enjoy the girl scanning there. i saw some quite attractive ones... ^^

other time i was shopping for some needed stuff for oversea study. the prob for me now is i'm going alone to tasmania in 1 month time. so scared. for me being alone to a totally strange place. and i am sure i will encounter problems even in the air port already. no need to emphasize on language gap and cultural gap and some law and legal stuff across country. all things will be different. the weather, i scared i will fall sick before i settle down. i am weak u all can tell. i dunno where will i stay. i know nothing about the environment and condition there. what bus to take what transport to go where. how to buy things there, pay 1st or after when i eat there. i join terus the second year student. what if i cant catch up with the studies? what if what i learnt is not same as what they apply. what if i'm lost? what if i miss a flight? what if i lost my apssport? what if this and that.... ys scold me la... say i scared all kidna stuff ler... yes i am. i will always try to do so to make sure i get a firm grip in the things i do. i dont like to risk. its too troublesome. and i hate trouble. i will try my best to get away from it.

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Kelvin Liu said...

Ah Kang, no need scared le.. it's so good to be able to go oversea study in the 1st place, so many ppl no chance to fly..tasmania is a nice place, pretty sceneries, high tech, u'll like it, not like my India here so ulu..u alone there need to be super observant n smart and fast thinking, in order to avoid any mistakes n's a chance of ur lifetime to learn n grow up to be stronger.. go for it, be excited bout it.. God bless u.. (too bad i'm not goin back this time to see u in msia, but any prob juz online tell me la..)