Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Gadgets

WAH~~ xuan's laptop is so damn cool rite~!! I am currently copying pictures from a camera to my pc. 1st tiem for me to do so.... haha.. I took some picture of my laptop, its cherryred burlwood covering the front.... not as nice as i thought it would be.... boring.. the Dell Inspiron 6400. I think all dell has a same facade. In 潮爆大状 everyone is using it.

side view

top view

Some view of it.... give opinion... the important part : speX

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T7200 2GHz, 4MB Cache, 667 MHz FSB
2GB (2 X 1024MB) 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM (1gb was given to me free!)
120GB SATA Hard Drive

256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7300 TurboCache
Running Window Vista
Wireless, ADSL, Card reader, Bluetooth

It cost me MYR4200 and I bought it online. Dell wor... zzz... my bro recommended to me and i always listen to him. I am goodboy. Yesterday my mom offer to fetch me to buy a new pair of shoes. I dunno what shoes to buy but she brought me to a place in front of the post office. There sells whole lots of footwear. I was forced to buy a pair of shoe there. I was like so blank because I never really thought of buying any shoes at the moment. FYI, I owned a pair of hang-kai nike, soccer nike, cloth-material dr.cardin. I think its enough for me but the tauke intro me a pair of running adidas, and my mom says i need to exercise also when i get there. Which i think it makes sense. Finally, she brought the MYR160 adidas running for me. I am totaly thankful for it. Grateful. Even she was like buying a pair of low usage shoe for me. I dunno when will i have the chance to use it, to wear it. But faith is i know someday in the future i will certainly need it.

kasut baru bernama adidas vanquish

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday

I remember you remembered me when you saw me in SABS form 1. I remember you brought me into football and many other things. I remember you scolded me many times. I remember how you cared for me when my head was spinning on that hill. I remember today is your birthday.

familiar pic? keke..

Ah Hee~!! Thank you and muax~!! keep the TURTLE POWER with you~!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am sick

This would be the 3rd night that i've been sick. this morning my dad brought me to see doctor. i was given 3 kinds of pills. and yet my throat is burning, i feel like vomit the throat out and smoothen it with some sorts of sandpaper. my body is so damn weak i can hardly stay awake for 1 hour. i feel like i want to die. whenever i am sick, i think of dying to set myself free from this torchering. but just one short and mindless thought, i wont do that. i am afraid of death. this morning i heard a news about 4 malays raping a girl in front of her boyfriend. they hit the boy and used his life as a threat and ask for the girl to let them rape. what the fuck is wrong with these 4 Malays? i hope Allah know what to do with these assholes. i hate rapists. rapists are malays. i hate malays.

i am currently waiting the offer letter from Newcastle. i cant afford to take the risk to Tasmania. FYI, Tasmania U had changed the title of Bachelor of Archi to Master of Archi. which is a totaly mindless decision made in Feb this year. Untill now, the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) has not yet recognise the new title for the same old course. the architect programme has always been a double degree. part 1 and part 2. now the Tasmanian who thought they can change the world by being the 1st to have the courage to change the title of the course ruined it all. the debate is still going on but the 1st batch of the students there has not yet graduate. in a great chances i might change my destination to Newcastle to meet AiLi and Santi.

Talked about Santi, Goal II was a dissapointment. for me. In Real, Santi plays 5 minutes in each game and scores the winning goal in each as a sub; when every big names are struggling to perfoem in the early 85 mins. the goals he scored are so unreal. the computer edited goals dedicated to him are just too fake. spoiler. suck. there is no way he is always unmark and with technical skills not greater than me, he can skip pass all the defenders (putting Zidane and Robinho in shame) the only selling point in this film will be David Beckham. He featured in most scenes, and he is handsome. 1 succesful point is they manage to get most of the Real players to talk and act. 1 more sukky point : they created a new player call TJ Harper for Arsenal. Don't try to search for him. he dont even exist.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another new skin

yohoo... check this out~ my new skin~!! like it or not, this is it.. with new colors and larger fonts (popular demand?) i lost my google adsense in the progress... maybe 1 day i will figure and dig it out again. Why cappucino? as if i have other choices like latte and mocha... accept it. And the 结婚 on the upper left corner... totally nothing to do with anything k... i am still wondering why the designer have to highlight it... Although i know my profile there got a bit cacat, but i dunno how to correct it... the profile is generated by blogger itself... i cant edit it, if i want to keep my lengzai photo on my site.

Generally thats all. got to run...

... to the toilet.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Monday. when i woke up, it was afternoon already. the final 2 days for the free 1gb ram dell promo. i double checked my dell cart, never forgotten that it was the day i was going to sg. lembing. Ok, i did argue with my dad during lunch time.

Not for long untill hee stopped by. gave me my long waited genting trip's pictures. at the mean time, i rush to bath and packed my things to go sg. lembing. i hop in his car, went to get weikee and stopped by xuan's house. straight away i heard limys's voice. he was already there with his new man utd travelling bag. i saw it was a long bag. 3 minutes later, hx along with wb, terry arrived. i was not in great mood because of the laptop inccident earlier the same day. i kept quiet most of the time. later, we went to pick sy up. went into his house, then his room. i felt something about sy when i was in his room. jsut something i dunno how to express in words. after the short stay, we headed towards sg.lembing.

I asked about wk's laptop. How much he bought his hight tech gaming laptop should be kept a secret. But anyways, that machine is a MONSTER. Not for long we reached our destination. met up with mc, jb and qy. we went to the house belongs to mc's grandma. wooden house. those old time kampung house. very nice. got a river behind it. All the switchs were dark,round and old. We prepared the fire, we started bbq. everything went on smoothly. it was warm around the bbq rack. most of us guys took off our shirt. i had to admint i ate 5 wings. i knew i was kinda over. therefore, i ate the others less. i felt like drinking a lotsa water. sy told me everytime he saw me i was holding a cup. hence, i decided to style myself with a cup-in-hand throughout the rest of the night. after bath, we took a stroll down around sg lembing. it was midnight. we walked a big circle round sg. lembing. some of us even went down to the river, to cross the river. 1 hour of tiring-and-lotsa-dogs-around-barking-at-us-and-disturbing-the-neighbourhood walk.
we even pass through the cemetry~ bangga. Went home, without doing much, i slept. untill 5 am, all of us woke up. going to go for mountain climbing. i was reluctant to do so. even before i hop on to hee's car, i had a feeling i am not going to climb this time. dont ask me why. sometimes some weird feeling strikes me without reason. randomly. i continue sleeping as they enjoyed the sunrise ontop of the hill. on 11 am, we went back to kuantan. i suppose all of them were sleeping after they reached home.

this house kena bomed~ ping pong piang!!

the all cement basin. cool~

roast them fingers~ yeah babeh''

they tot they are pirates... hey! look whats in Terry's hand?

look at hx.. he so yau yeng~~i was sleeping so sweetly when this picture was taken.

Reached home. i online awhile and settle the laptop bikin again. this time it was all done. anticipating the laptop with much eagerness... My red colored Dell~!! come to me babeh~!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

I went to the book fest...

where should i start? ok.... fyi.. my post are made of words, no pictures. boring as u may say.

3 days back, i follow my parents to kl yet another time because my dad has got some personal stuff to do, and have to settle my oversea stuff as well. early in the morning we departed, went studylink straight away, apply for visa and clearify some enquiries. then we went TARC to get a letter of completion require by the UTAS. but this TARC is so useless, they only offer 2 shitty letter to students : the standard letter which proves that you are studying in TARC, pretty, i mean totally useless. the second 1, the testimonial. for fuck's sake, i told these staff that what i want is this letter of completion (LOC) and along i brought with me a letter from studylink to prove that i need this particular custom LOC in order to apply for UTAS. and them staff keep on asking me to write my name in this dunno wat book and wait for 1 week for the testimonial.... harlow? my english too poor u cant understand? then i go straight to find the head of school, hallelujah for god's grace there is this clerk was there... she saw me with a unusual latter in hand and also accompnay by parents, she tender my needs. (sound gay?zz) then everything settled. saw some good looking girls. what do u expect? its TARC college, where liang luiS are.

the next day, went klcc cuz my mom wanted so eagerly to visit the book fest. we reached at about 11 am. so not so freaking lotsa people there..yet. entrance fee rm2. i walked inside and none of the books interest me. maybe i was born not to be attracted by books or i just dont find readign suits me. sigh. pathetic. truthfully, i reall feel abit pening kepala. maybe some side effect of... the infamous tea-cup incident. all the while i was sms-ing with ky. i plan to meet him at klcc today as he said he wants to come over here for the book fest as well. but to my amaze he was at timesquare the time i was at the book fest. then when he arrived at klcc, i was already preparing to ciaw... time not ngam la ky... sorry leh... not duwan to see you, is cant... and so many peorple that day... u stay till 6 pm go lrt see, u will faint. last time also i walk to ampang to take lrt. but nevermind, i know ky u enjoy the girl scanning there. i saw some quite attractive ones... ^^

other time i was shopping for some needed stuff for oversea study. the prob for me now is i'm going alone to tasmania in 1 month time. so scared. for me being alone to a totally strange place. and i am sure i will encounter problems even in the air port already. no need to emphasize on language gap and cultural gap and some law and legal stuff across country. all things will be different. the weather, i scared i will fall sick before i settle down. i am weak u all can tell. i dunno where will i stay. i know nothing about the environment and condition there. what bus to take what transport to go where. how to buy things there, pay 1st or after when i eat there. i join terus the second year student. what if i cant catch up with the studies? what if what i learnt is not same as what they apply. what if i'm lost? what if i miss a flight? what if i lost my apssport? what if this and that.... ys scold me la... say i scared all kidna stuff ler... yes i am. i will always try to do so to make sure i get a firm grip in the things i do. i dont like to risk. its too troublesome. and i hate trouble. i will try my best to get away from it.

Friday, June 01, 2007

pointless point

so long for me to blog. nothing to write... whne i want to blog, i cant. when i can, i dont want. what the hell.

ok since the day i back to kuantan, online and dota everyday with limcc and limys. and limcc everyday diu people. then 1 nite the lightning stoke all my modem and line gone. 1-2 weeks without internet. sadist. during this period i play nfs carbon, some old chinese rpg. and replay my west ham. i once tot of blogging something bout the nfs series. here it goes... i will keep it A.S.A.P (S for short)

as u may see in this pic, the car drift by the hills.
yesh~ we call it canyon drift.

in this game, there are more options. 3 types of cars, the tuner, muscle and exotic. (u choose 1 in the beginning then the unlocks will be different accordingly) u have to go through canyon in each level. those mountain route u see and hope to play but can only get them in arcade initial d. we have it here. fun. but the drift is hard to pull out, perhaps impossible. i cannot do wonders like i did in previous version. so, no drift around = speed up. but their drift course has become extremely hard. totally unliek the previous underground 2. its HARD here... and the tuner cars(evo 11, rx-7..) raceing against the exotic(corvette, lambroghini, viper...), super susah to win...

i played 侠客英雄传3. due to too long never play, forgot about lotsa stuff in the game... i misso out 3 swords in the beginning. shitty, but in the end i found out a so call cheat or mode. here's the trick... when curing combat, hold down the up arrow button, and press the left number 1 on your keyboard. u can see our mr. Cheong's clothes (should be blue) changes into 9 different colors. all with different damage when equip with different stones. syok~! i deal 13000++ dmg towards the final boss with my ulti. PAIN~!!

so on the 25th of May, we went to genting. sorry no pics. and no pics = no more elaboration. ty and gudnite.

and so i was back after the trip. and hee and ys were too. so now life has become interesting. the next day we'd back, we went for football. yesh~! i'm loving it. the night we went yc at satay zul. yeh~ my 1st time there. the next day, let me think.. hmm... yea~ morning we went for badminton. i was BAD in it. but still manage to take down the shuttlecock in the air using racquet. proud~~the noon same day, we went to sukan belia and do some rock climbing~ susah man~ i din climb thou... and then super big rain came pouring down... home we went back to. the next day... rest kinda well, till evening we went football again~!! yesh yesh~!! then the night we went jagei.... tat was ermm.. last night~!! then today, shrek the third on screen, but we din go and watch. so today i do nothing at home. and my modem is back. 2 days already~ can online and tot people would miss me after so long... turn out to be... depression and grieveness... am i sharing the air God created for us in this world with u all?

(u want pic? at least got 1 la.... )