Friday, August 31, 2007

the merdeka post

went to school today for submission, and for a more important reason is to copy some TVB series and movies and music from a friend. yeah~! with these stuff i won't rot to death during the coming holiday~!

yesterday i watched Team America. this movie show awe-ness with non-stop usage of F word. super vulgar film. yet, super fun to watch. pay attention to whatever on the screen and you will find lots of wow stuff. i guarantee. their theme song rox too~! F*** yeah! They use puppets and america to insult them country and actors. F*** yeah!

went to the "city" again today. touring to take photo on selected buildings for sketching assignment.(my life here is hard) bought a cologne. (don't ask me why, there is some inner force pushing me to buy it) there is this shop call chemist warehouse and their fragrances are all on sale. even you(I) don't need it, but then money are spent on it. actually i am going to get a FCUK him, but it stink. the smell, darn, depressive. instead i got myself a CK eternity. not so into fragrance so not going to put up pictures.

there will be a dinner tomorrow night. organized by malaysian students to sort of 'celebrate' merdeka. not going to mention the ticket price. after converting it will be more depressive than the smell of FCUK him.

oh i suck in football tonight. starting with a -5 performance. toing*

p/s the prices for lucky draw for tomorrow night look delicious and seductive. but i don't feel lucky now. or i used up my luck on the lost wallet incident. sob* sob*

Sunday, August 26, 2007


maybe its just life at uni. loads of assignments queuing to be served. i hardly have time to sniff for the past 2 weeks.

a pic taken during my "ji pai" (自拍) session. b4 going to the church.

had done elevations, sections and perspective manually last week. for the past 3 days, done the plans using archicad. same building, a lil bit of design alteration, 2 subjects. focus on different area when doing the different assignments on the same building. (get moi?)

went to my grp members hse to do assignments for the past 3 days. slept there last night. his room size = my room size x 3 ; my rental = his rental x 2... anyways, i am moving to his room next semester if there is no major disruption. while he move to the other room. during my visit, he cook for me~ (yay. save money)and in the night around 2am, i took his bike to go home. how dark was it? close your eyes and imagine. 4degrees + dark + alone + ghost + creepy + trees with scary branches + moving grasses + shadows + wind + cat + silent

my collection of soft drinks. 99c~!! the lil mtndew i got fr free during some occasion last time.

i love timtam~!! i lost count i had eaten how many of'em.

cereals~ +-700g for +-4 Aud. ok ok la~

went a speedy shopping in woolworths and coles. got really cheap breads from woolworths and really cheap soft drinks from coles. later went back to school to print them assignments out. 1 of my friend treat me a cigga. 1st ciggy in aussie in my school compound. 16aud 1 large box of ciggy...That's Myr48...

bus ticketssss... mahal~!! seriously i am getting a third/forth hand car next semester.

i youtubed namewee. the song rox. i dont think there is any problem with it. i like it. download the video and save it for me thanks. i youtubed riyo mori too... sure sh's hot... but still i like the elva-look-alike in the photo taken by weikee in pc fair.

time to rest. my shoulder had been aching for more than 1 week. couldn't afford to let my left arm to dysfunction.

Monday, August 20, 2007

the 240 minutes of lost and found

august 20, 10.05am
- venue : lecture theater -

i took off my jacket, it was kinda warm in the hall. Justin Beal, guest speaker of the morning. i knew by any chance the wallet tend to slip out from the pocket of my jacket when i take it off, i assure myself to check on it.

present day, 13.13 pm
- venue : group study room -

i suddenly found that my wallet is missing. twas not in my pocket anymore, nor is it in my bag and any possible location. nervous i was. thinking back what i got in the wallet, made me terrified. $410 cash, maybank mastercard, commonwealth bank atm card, malaysia ic, jay chou calender, international student id, utas student id, medibank health card, alot of my handsome pictures(baobei), my very nice polo wallet(thx u guys), and a double-heart RM1 given to me by wanbin apx. 2,628,000minutes ago.

-venue : lecture theater-

students inside already, lecturer wasn't there yet, i rush through the place i was sitting. made a rough browse... nothing found.

-venue : reception counter-

made a report to Darren. He was helpful. i made a decision to go home to double check whether i dropped it in my room, since the night before, was tiring rushing assignment.

-venue : r40 leprena-

i was praying non-stop. but remember back last sunday, i went to church and read a verse said that i will be uplifted and all worries will be gone if i place all things into God's hand. and i did. no. it was not in my room. about to give up, i called my dad, requested my mastercard to be canceled.

-venue : bus stop-

prayed. prayed. and prayed. hoping my phone rings and Darren told me that someone found the wallet.

-venue : lecture

back to lecture theater. its cleared. i have time and space to do an intent search around the place. row by row... i search in between every minor gap... at an instance, miraculously, i spotted my dear wallet~!! sitting in V position in between the steps and the chairs~! holy grace~! i picked it up and nothing is lost~! apparently nobody spotted it.

.: i am so unspiritual, unholy, yet He saved me again and never give up on me, i do not know how to quote a bible verse, i am not familiar with the bible, i am a sinful man. god never fails to make me glad, praise him with all your heart. amen. :.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


check this out :
(courtesy of Hee's blog)

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and also this > wei kee's post

My name appears in their blogs~~ this month.. i lost count of how many CK was mentioned. it makes me feel alive. A-L-I-V-E-N-O-T-D-E-A-D.
Thanks mates... Big kisses MUAX~

Apparently Blogger changed. all in code. I cant change color and font. I dunno how.

hooray~~ ben and kyan (nama baru kena publish-publish sikit)are blogging~ hx, when is your turn?

Went to school today. Did some drawings there. And, walked back. I just knew that there was no bus services as usual during weekends. Crap.
I started walking from 5pm and reached at 6.45. SOOO LOONG MEHH?
Somewhere in the middle of my journey home, I lan liak go explore short cut. But hell knows the town planning here is different. (they have so much land)A route that suppose to be/appealing as short cut turn out to be a "long slash" wasted 10 minutes.
After that, went shopping for groceries in Woolworths. Bought pans and turner. (yay~! they are on sale~)apples, cereals and some quick cook lagsagna and pasta. (Leggo's instant pasta cost 5aud for 2. on sale)spent around 50 minutes there.

conclusion is, walking distance from me house to them school acquire 45mins. something like the sg. lembing night walk. tiring sia... need some rest... cheerios~

p/s : yesterday went city saw Japanese girl on the bus.*slurp* ( i reckon she's from japan... cuz she wears short skirt =p)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

10 things that i hate about the place i stay

  1. low quota internet, upgraded to 1.5gb but still suck
  2. no water tap in toilet beside shower and basin, have to wash foot using my room's basin
  3. cannot maple especially at this very period where Denise is on.
  4. have only 1 hanger pinned into the door.
  5. a stupid fluorescent tube as table light which i never turn it on unless i wan to be blind.
  6. walk to the other block to do laundry. in the cold.
  7. communal room do not have wireless but with a poster stating wireless available. kena tipu.
  8. tv show football instead of REAL FOOTBALL where people play with FOOT.
  9. the bus stop nearest to me is fucking windy. blow blow blow...
  10. 99% of the people here is ang moh gui. sien. cannot communicate. English too noob.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

1 month and 3 days at oversea. miss everyone so much. so its 1 month, and i am sick. yes. now i am sick. the 3rd day already. even after eating lotsa panadol also no use. the sweat just wont come out. i think i will just die here in my room. gg.