Friday, July 27, 2007!!

hell yes. I just back from playing indoor soccer. took a bath and having a hot milo now. relaxing~~
where should i start... well i met this guy name Rayn (rai-yearn) when we both were having the same subject. after chit chatting he invited me to football. yeah~ finally~ some gang who play football~!!
the court is suppose to be a basketball court. but somehow someone go put 2 goals there... well, some sort of hokey goals and its far more smaller than typical futsal goals. typical rules : cannot shoot inside the box (dahlah pintu kecik..zz) and there are no 'out' (even behind the goals) and unlike what we used to have in Malaysia, there is no 'net' borders, or net cage. what we got here is brick walls. BRICK. so if you cant break near the edges, then some of your bones will. the floor are typical basketball's floor. shiny. the ball... highlight green, furry.. imagine a tennis ball in futsal size. thats exactly what it looks like.
quite a number of people turned up. (20) met a lot of Malaysians here. including some budak melayu yang terror main bola. some ang moh as well. also met a guy from Iran. trust me when i said he is good. i just felt the kind of stress when team with him. basically everyone here can play. control reaction all very good. i felt like siu didi.. t.t 8 minutes per set, the winner stays. draw means both out. sort of like rotation. 8 minutes too less? after my first game i felt dizzy... similar to the infamous teacup incident. perhaps the air are too thin plus i overworked. played from 8-11... fatigue dah...zzz.
typical me, i scored 1 goal. debut goal. last minute goal. cheers~

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