Sunday, July 22, 2007


Basically, these are what i cook and eat. (warning: disgusting images included)

pork + egg + chili sauce(which is not our kind of chili sauce) served with white rice.
fried rice with ham + chicken
fried rice with egg + chicken + chili sauce
(new plate~!)

fried rice + hotdog + chicken + egg + bread(huh)

pasta made for me by a singaporean teacher. the second time she invited me to eat. so nice.spagetti with beef. too much. too treat. beef+carrot+onions with black pepper sauce~!i just had this. nice huh~
seriously after this time, no more posting using IE. CRAP.


xin yee said...

Tell you what:

Spaghetti, just buy the Campbell/Leggo spaghetti sauce with beef, cook with bacon dices.
4 stars

Fried rice, with garlics, bacon dices, corn kernels, eggs.
5 stars (new creation by me, i feel like such a good cook, wahahaha)

Use pasta sauce, Leggo/Dolmio
*Dolmio Three Cheese kick ass.

xin yee said...

Oh ya, one more thing i just discover this year.

Frozen lasagna is heaps good. Convenient like fuck. Put in the microwave only.

Sold in Woolworths or Coles. And do not evarrrrr buy the Black & Gold brand.

Pie of the pork said...

wowo, xin yee's teaching people how to cook yo! ey xin yee teach him some potato dishes to help ck gain some weight la, he's so thin

chee_kang said...

woohs... pro siot... i know fried rice well.. bacon is so expensive... i prefer big fat hotdogs... yum yum... and yesterday i invented myself honey chiken... fking scary when cook but sweet n nice wehn eat.. just like restaurant...haha.. cheapskate restaurant la..